The Story Behind Our Cairn Logo

To us, the meaning of the Cairn is fundamental in helping define Devana and what we stand for. For this reason, we felt it appropriate that the Cairn acts as our logo mark.

Derived from the Scottish Gaelic, “càrn”, a cairn is a man-made pile of rocks or stones, used since prehistoric times for a variety of purposes. Cairns hold significance for a multitude of reasons in many cultures across the globe, but in Scotland, it symbolises success for climbers as they reach the summit of a hill or Munro. For this reason, it is a tradition to carry a stone from the bottom of a hill to place on the cairn when you reach the top, hence the ancient Scottish saying, Cuiridh mi clach air do chàrn, “I’ll put a stone on your stone”. 

Cairn Devana

Whilst used to mark the top of a hill, cairns are also used as a guide, acting as markers along a path or trail. It is common to find multiple cairns as you ascend a Munro, guiding you to the top. 

The cairn’s significance to Scottish outdoor culture is unquestionable. Cairns are an essential guide for Scottish hikers as they ascend hills and Munros. For us, the cairn acts as a guide too, serving as a reminder of why we started the brand, and to remind us of these principles as we navigate the growth of Devana.

Spending our lives growing up in Northern Scotland, our experiences of and use of the Cairn has long outlived its use as our logo. But because of this, we feel there is nothing more authentic to represent us as we look to use Devana to demonstrate Scotland's potential to the world. 

Cairn Devana

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